Web based Training Concept

Advanced, more complex, aviation technology changed jobprofil and knowledge requirements for today’s aviation maintenance trainees. At the same time the methodes and technologies of knowledge transfer advanced considerably and present a new opportunity for the EASA Part 66 Training requirements.

Our web besed training platform offers you a multi-media training experience.

Multimedia Training

Web-based multimedia training which is self-paced but controlled through a learn management system. With AERO-Bildungs GmbH scripts.

The majority of the training can be done at work or at home in a familiar environment. The trainee controls the speed of his lesson and decides how many hours of studying he can manage per day. The number of repetitions of a lesson is not limited.

Part-66 and Part-145 Training

With the blended learning method (E-learning and classroom) our Part-66 modules follow a continuous order and allow participation when time or finances permit. The entire course, individual modules, or a combination of modules for a B1 to B2 or vice versa license extension can be selected.

The Part-145 and the specialized trainings are strictly on-line and the learning timing is up to the individual. All our trainings can be customized on request.

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Start the Web Based Training Now

If you want to attend one of our online courses, you can directly pay via PayPal and enroll for the course. We will send you the Log-In data until the end of the next working day. At the end of the course, you will receive the certificate by e-mail.

Also, you can fill in the training request form and send to us.