Basic training courses according to PART/PART 66

General information

The release of maintenance activities on aircraft falling within the scope of Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 requires a certifying staff licence in accordance with Annex III to Regulation (EC) No 1321/2014 (Part-66). All basic training courses are concluded with “Full Examination”.

PART 66 Training in English Language

We offer courses in English especially for foreign students who do not meet the requirements for accredited courses in Germany or for language reasons cannot attend courses in German. We differentiate between shortened courses for experienced aircraft mechanics, who acquire the license via “Full Examination”, and full courses for CAT A and B, in which beginners can participate without further requirements.

PART 66 CAT B2 for B1 or B1 for B2

Since more and more Certifying Staff fulfil the requirements for the acquisition of the 2nd qualification, we have established appropriate retraining programs. The difference courses are concluded with “Full Examination”.

The contents refer to the modules which were not included in the already acquired license part or not in the corresponding depth (B1 on B2 – modules 4, 5, 7.4, 13, B2 on B1 – modules 6, 7, 11, 15, 17). In order to keep the course times as short as possible, the course time only contains the difference to the already acquired knowledge. Since this is done as partial occupancy in the corresponding CAT B course and the knowledge is no longer fully present in some modules, we also offer free participation in the corresponding submodules.

Examination without course

The EASA regulations also allow module examinations to be taken without an appropriate course. We offer the possibility of taking the overall examination or individual module examinations as “Full Examination” without prior training in our Training Center.
The dates for these exams can be found on our homepage or can be arranged with our office.

Training modules for CAT A, B1, B2:

  • The knowledge requirements relate to the following subjects:
  • Module 1 Mathematics
  • Module 2 Physics
  • Module 3 Basics of electrics
  • Module 4 Basics of electronics
  • Module 5 Digital Techniques/Electronic Instrument Systems
  • Module 6 Materials and components
  • Module 7 Maintenance
  • Module 8 Fundamentals of Aerodynamics
  • Module 9 Human Factors
  • Module 10 Aviation law
  • Module 11 Aerodynamics, structures and systems of aircraft CAT (B1)
  • Module 12 Aerodynamics, structures and systems of helicopters
  • Module 13 Aerodynamics, structures and systems of aircraft CAT (B2)
  • Module 14 Propulsion CAT (B2)
  • Module 15 Gas turbine engine
  • Module 16 Piston engine
  • Module 17 Propeller

The start of PART 66 training is not fixed, it can theoretically follow directly on from school/industrial training.
Furthermore, the training does not have to be carried out in one piece, so that a division into individual modules or module groups (see the subjects of the knowledge requirements) is possible.
Since an immediate final examination according to LuftPersV is no longer required, these modules can be completed over a longer period of time with the respective examination.